10 Things People Regrets in Their Life

What is your biggest regret in life? A lot of response stories to share. But the real regrets are bad choices in love, loss and held by a fear of self-blame.

Life is full of choices and a lot of uncertainty. We never know what will happen if you made a different choice. No one will life happily ever after, life is up and down, some choices are easy to make at the time but turns out to be poorly made due to lack of information; others are hard at first.

Now think what people would say about you, what a life you want to lead? Don’t bring any regrets to your after-life.

I wish I don’t care what other people think

Stop wasting your time thinking what people would say about you. It is your life, not theirs. Ultimately, there just opinions what’s best from their lenses.

I wish I had spent more time with people I love.

Time will never comes back, it is easy to slip away from you. Hence, maximized your time to do what you love with people you love.

I wish I had live my own life.

Invest your energy at the things you need to achieve – or even attempt. Build a business, develop an incredible vocation, raise a child, run a long distance race. The best achievement lies in carrying on with your life in your own way.

I wish I had worked less.

Working all day, forgetting your family, is a biggest regret. When you’re die, your boss, your work, you achievement will not brings you to the last resting place. Your family did.

I wish I had followed my passion instead.

It’s so easy to be seduced by a stable job, a solid routine and a comfortable life, but at what expense? Live up to your own aspirations, not down to others’ expectations. There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

I wish I had lived more in the past.

Time is short, when you are watching children grow up it shows how precious time really is, and as we getting older, many of us live less at the moment.

I wish I had traveled more.

When you’re young you have Time and Energy but no Money. When you get older you have Money and Energy but no Time. And later when you finally have Time and Money, you no longer have Energy. Don’t wait for traveling. Traveling adds up experience and happiness.

I wish I had less worry.

Worrying something that might not happen is a just waste of time and energy. Worrying is also decreasing your immunity. Do you still want to do it?

I wish I had been more honest.

If you don’t own up to your own elemental truth, falsehood will ultimately end up owning you. Honesty is the clearest path.

I wish I had faced my fears.

Fears are temporary. Regrets last forever. It is your choice.

Life is full of choices and a lot of uncertainty. We never know what will happen if you made a different choice. #randytan.me #10regrets #life-hack

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