Singapore Business Trip Experience Part 1

Singapore Business Trip
Changi Airport Singapore

Singapore Business Trip. One keyword that people wanted to do, trip.

This is my third time going to Singapore for a business trip. It’s always giving me a new experience every time going for a Singapore business trip. My first experience with Singapore was back in January until February 2016. At that time, my current project still in early phase of development. I got a chance to go to our client’s office to get in touch personally to them. All because I spend a lot of time supporting offsite in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

My second trip was really great. I knew more people in technology development sector comparing to my first trip that got in touch with business users in headquarter office. I finally knew a person that I always email if got a problem. Ask for data logs if errors are thrown from the system and so on. But the most important thing was, I coach my client how to drop new code changes; and how to use my system step by step. It was a really great experience!

On the other hand, as my job as technology developer in consultant firm; I need to be ready when there are an issue and questions from our users (or we called then client). On my second Singapore business trip, I was standing in my client’s office in Kranji for three days, and help them settle any problem that shows up before our project go live to the public on the end of October 2016.

There wasn’t much I can say from the first and second business trip. Even though my first trip only two days; I learn that communicate with clients is one of “key” skill points every consultant must have. My second trip taught me to believe with your colleague and head to head help if a problem shows.

Now, this is my third (and probably last for this client) Singapore business trip. My third trip now is really fascinating because I support for their go-live period. This is the crucial time of my one year plus project.

To be continued …

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