The Hunger Games Guide to Indonesia

The Hunger Games Guide to Indonesia – First, to make it clear, I am Indonesian. This first post is just for your info only, but a¬†few advice are still correct as per this post writing. So, enjoy your time. ūüôā

Guide to Indonesia - Hunger Games
Guide to Indonesia – Hunger Games In Indonesia


It is already two years plus since the first time I started working abroad, out of my beloved country, Indonesia. Over twenty-two years I grew up and living in that nice place, with a lot of cultures, nice food, families and relatives; and now I need to stand in my own way for my future life and gain more experiences in my life.

I started working as an employee in one of the consulting firm in Malaysia. Although it never comes to my mind to settle here in Malaysia, I still believe there are a lot of new opportunities that I can learn for the next few years.

All my colleagues in my office always ask the same question again and again. What is your advice to travel to Indonesia, Randy? Can you give me a guide to Indonesia?

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Dynamic DNS for Cloudflare using DDClient Full Guide

Besides my full-time job as a technology consultant, I always love to try something new. At this time, I really want to maximize my raspberry pi device as my personal web server. In addition to it, I also want to be able to access it through the internet wherever I go. But there is a problem comes out. I cannot simply set up my DNS server to bind it¬†with my home internet IP address because it constantly changes. To overcome this, I did some research and here’s dynamic DNS for Cloudflare using DDClient as my solution.

Dynamic DNS for Cloudflare using DDClient
Cloudflare DNS Provider

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Why Mom Was Right About Love

About love - mama's advice
Love – Love was made for me and you

I just read a news article about how smart woman to pursue her 20 boyfriend to give her an iPhone 7. Yes, 20 boyfriend to buy her a brand new iPhone 7. But unfortunately, none of them are this woman’s actual boyfriend. They just a “friend”. Is this something about love ?

The story starts to be more interesting when in the next paragraph the journalist write, “She demanded each of them buy her an iPhone 7 before selling them.¬†After making ¬£14,500, she managed to pay the down payment of a house.¬†Seriously then buy a house? This girl is really smart isn’t it? ūüôā

I scrolled down to the news and found some interesting comments from internet users. Examples: ‘I could not even get one boyfriend. How can she have 20 boyfriends?’ or¬†‘How can she manage her busy life? She can only spend one hour on each boyfriend every day.’

This funny story reminds me about why mom was right about love. Keep on reading for her advise.

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Singapore Business Trip Keypoints – Part 3 Finale

I will emphasize, my business trip keypoints in this post; And this is my last post for Singapore Business Trip. If you haven’t read the old second chapter you can get it here, or you want to see the first one, you also can get it here.

business trip keypoints
Singapore Iconic Place – at Marina Bay Sands

Here I am in Kuala Lumpur. I just went back from Singapore. I went there for around 6 days. A lot of things happened in that 6 days and I got a chance to have one-day rest break and I definitely will not lose that chance! Ok let’s talk about work first and I will describe my travel logs later in next section. In addition, I will cover up¬†business trip keypoints that probably is the main concern of this post. Let’s start with my working journal. Continue reading “Singapore Business Trip Keypoints – Part 3 Finale”