What I Have Learnt in 2016 and 2017 Resolution

2017 Resolution
Moving from 2016 to 2017

Time flies very fast. 2016 was very fast, I still remember all good memories in 2016 but still, I need to face the truth: The power of time. I will miss all the good memories and remove the sad one. Now it’s time to make and execute 2017 resolution.

What I have Learnt from 2016

Life must go on, no matter what.

2017 Resolution
Life Must Go On. Time Flies very Fast.

I still remember a lot of famous people who died in 2016. Muhammad Ali, George Michael, Debbie Reynolds and etc. America’s new president-elect Donald J. Trump. Philipines new president Duterte which against drugs. Great Britain exit from UE; and much more.

But everything that happened in 2016, life still must go on. Feel the new blessing every morning. Keep the positive mind; because before the last breath, we still need to achieve something in life.

Find a New Hobby

2017 Resolution
Reading a Book

Blogging is my new hobby. This is my 2016 resolution to start again sharing some ideas or something that I faced each day. I started again this blog (with a new domain name) after around 4 years of vacuum and my old domain was expired.

In addition to blogging, I also start to read a book. This a powerful book and sometimes I forget to read – Bible. This is what I believe to be my encyclopaedia for a Basic Information Before Leaving (the) Earth.

Money is not the main goal

2017 Resolution
Money is not the Goal

Yea, money is not the main goal. I worked very hard to save my money. But I just realised that a lot of things cannot be bought using a money. Faith, friendship, family bonds, happiness, laugh, quality time and much more.

Yes, we need money, but it’s not the most important thing.

Invest as early as possible

2017 Resolution
Power of Time against Money

Time is powerful. I understand why people say, “Invest as early as possible.” Yeah, an investment that I made in “fixed deposit” will grow bigger and bigger if I start to invest it earlier.

Opportunity will come

2017 Resolution
Opportunity will Come

I would like to announce that I officially resigned from my old company. I got an opportunity to settle a new goal in my life but still related to technology development.

In last few months, I rejected an offer from my friend. But God will always give you another one. Don’t be afraid if you thinks it is good for you. As Richard Branson said

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”


Set High Goals

2017 Resolution
Set a High Goals

To achieve something great it always starts with the attitude. Set the high goals first and make a standard and measurable of achievement that you want to accomplish each day.

One of my goals in 2016 was to understand a Bahasa Malay (BM) language. Now I’m able to speak and communicate with locals. 🙂

Love & Invest in yourself more

2017 Resolution
Invest in Yourself

I realised that I need to invest for myself more. Reading books, attending an online course and much more. Especially if related to my job as an IT consultant, the world of technology keeps changing. I need to chase “the bus” if not my knowledge will deteriorate.

2017 Resolution

My new year resolution in 2017 is to continue a great work that I have done in 2016. But with some addition to it:

Believe more in Gospel

I need to increase the capacity of my faith. I realised that I need to talk with my creator more, therefore I can understand His will in my life.

To be honest, until Now, I still search my purpose of life. Not the main purpose of life which is serving my God, but what the bigger goals that I need to do to achieve that.

Learn Chinese Language

The Chinese language already interests me since my high school time. But I still don’t have the power to steady & commit learning this language. Actually, more pressure comes when I stay in Kuala Lumpur. Since most of the Chinese people here are talking in Chinese. 😛

Travel More

One of my characters is a bit workaholic. Until the last month (Dec ’16) of my resignation, I don’t take any leave since I think I am responsible for the company I am working to. (to be honest, my other colleagues was also leaving then all her responsiblities went to my hand)

Thus I realised, I need to travel more. I want to go to Bangkok, Australia and New Zealand as for now. Hongkong and Beijing also in my bucket list. Let’s see how far I can make it!

More Quality Time

More quality time with family. Why? Just see your parents. They grow older. I appreciate more for every moment with them since my last balik kampong (went back to hometown in Malay/Bahasa language).

Focus and Commit in Blogging

Yeah, this is my diary. Although it is not daily updated, but still – I will try my best to update it at least twice a week. 2017 resolution!


This is 2017. All good & bad things came in 2016. But let’s start a new year with Fresh and a New Spirit. Let’s face 2017 with a positive mind. These are my 2017 resolution to make me a better person in this year.

What is your resolution?

Enjoy the Life Today, Yesterday is Gone & Tomorrow May Never Come