Secret of Happiness in Life are the Secret Ingredient

Do you know, what is the secret of happiness in life?

Secret of Happiness
Happiness in Life

From January 12th until February 6th, 2017; I get a really nice long holiday. This because I just moved from my old company to another British company in Kuala Lumpur, therefore I’m still in a middle of getting a new VISA. This process will be a bit long, therefore, I had nothing to do while my passport is still in Malaysian immigration. But, guess what I got? I got something to tell you about life.

Back to my previous question, do you know what is the secret of happiness in life? After having a good time to think, read and finding the answer, I got it. In this post, I will elaborate two secret words that are the foundation of happiness in life.

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The secrets of happiness in life that people always guess are Money, Time and Love. You can’t guarantee if you had a lot of money you can buy time and true love. But, that’s not the answer.

The correct answer are: WHY & ENJOY 

The First Word – WHY

Have you ever wonder ‘why’ you’re here, in this world?

Have you ever wonder ‘why’ you’re getting this and that? (e.g. get a year-end bonus from a company you’re working to, or get wet in a heavy rain)

Have you ever wonder ‘why’ you believe one of many religions in this world? 

Secret of Happiness

If you understand this big question mark after the ‘why‘ word, you will feel more relieve. Thus, this feeling will lead you to do the next thing; Either you’re working harder to overcome bad things, or you’ll sharing the joy to the others.

Let me explains further.

This is an example of a negative scenario. Let say you got a problem in accessing your favourite social media. When you’re having a problem, the hardest step is not creating a solution. But the hardest part is understanding why the problem happened.

If you understand ‘why‘ the problem came up, the next step is ‘what’ cause of the problem. And then after answering your ‘what’ question, you will get an easy proposal for the solution. After you able to resolve it, what is your feeling?

But, on the other hand, what do you think if you’re not able to get the answer of ‘why‘? Stressed? Confused? or what else?

Are your stress, confusion kills your happiness? Yes/No.

This is an example of a positive scenario. Let say you got a promotion in office. Your salary increased higher, and you get bigger perks. After all the good things, have you ever wonder ‘why‘ you deserve all of this?

If you able to answer yes or no, have you think again how blessed you are? Yes/No.

This two scenario will always apply in our life. The bigger goals if you feel blessed is, sharing your blessing with the others. Keep the positive attitude. This will increase your happiness.

This is the first word secret of happiness.

The Second Word – ENJOY

The is the second word secret of happiness. Enjoy.

Secret of Happiness

Having holiday is nice. After all of the hectic work in the office, in the life. Short get away is really helpful to reduce the stress and tension. But the big question is – “are you enjoying your time?”

We can’t enjoy our time if we still thinking what to do in office, how to solve this problem. Overthinking kills you.

Dale Carnegie in his book – How to Enjoy Your Life and Your Job (3.9/5.0 GR Rate) wrote, most people tired not because of physical activities, but it’s because of their emotions and minds. So we need to control our emotions, minds and especially enjoy the time when everything is in good or bad.


There are many ways to feel happiness. But what I think true are these two words. P.S. This is my personal opinion only. 

So let’s start to understand why all good and bad times happen to us. Enjoy your time, moment and thinks a positive mind. Mind controls all of our body. So? what will you do next?

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These two words are the secret of happiness. If you have another opinion, I really greatly welcomed you to make comments in the box below.

Share and spread good words to the others. See you!

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