A New Journey in Malaysia

It’s been a long time since my last post on January 2017. This is the story of my new journey in Malaysia.

I was officially moved and resigned from my old company on 31st December 2016. During my last two weeks, I have been working to do some knowledge exchange to my new teammate (which technically replacing me). A lot of stuff need to be done at that time. From explained to them how to use our corporate systems, what we have done so far, what was difficulties, unresolved issues and so on (probably you understand if you ever faced the same condition before as what I did).

Journey in Malaysia
Story of My Life

My ex is a great company. Truly. But I think I need to move on.

In the end, in every a story, there are something to learn for. This is my story and what I have learned in my journey in past two and half year with my ex. 😉

The Lesson Learned.

Journey in Malaysia
Customer is the King

Lesson #1 Customer is the King

Probably you have heard this sentence since you learn about economic in school. Yes, I just realized how big the impact of a customer. It is not only affected big companies but all the small shop or Mamak shop have a chance out of business if their customer satisfaction is low.

I realized based on my last two projects and really, the customer is the king. So treat them nicely, make sure that your customer happy, surely the business will grow itself. People always make a mistake, but handling mistake is a different thing.

Good handling a mistake, avoid a snowball effect.

Journey in Malaysia
Perfection in Work

Lesson #2 Do the Best, No Matter What

Just do the best. In every task, sometimes there is something that we do not know how to solve it. Just ask, do the best and double check. Because sometimes we don’t have more time to repeat the same problem because of a small mistake.

Example, re-do all of the budgeting because of the wrong of currency. Or re-do all the painting because of the wrong combination, etc.

Journey in Malaysia
Good Colleague

Lesson #3 Never Estimate Good Relationship

This is what I want to emphasised in this post. A good relationship with people especially with your ex-colleague is never a bad thing. I got this new job also from the ex-colleague whose refer me as their potential partner for her company.

Let finish this post my new Journey in Malaysia.

So here I am. I started my new career in new company start from February 8th, 2017. Basically, I planned to join the new company on February 6th, 2017 (Monday). But because my employment pass aka VISA for working in Malaysia was not yet settled, thus, I can’t have any employment in here (my company is very strict about government rules. Two thumbs up for their integrity).

In the end, my VISA completed on February 7th, 2017; and directly on the next day, I start my new level of a career in the new company.

From what I have seen until now, this is a great company. The culture is very nice, employees supporting each other, a lot of training and career advancement channel and etc. Moreover, as a computer technical guy, the equipment is very supporting my daily task. Two 24 inch display LED monitor. A big table, a PC desktop computer with a lot of resources and they also adjust my desk make sure I am comfortable with it.

Even they check the height of the table and monitor to be adjusted as the same as my eye’s position.

I believe this new journey in Malaysia will be exciting. Stay tuned for another post from me.

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