What I Have Learnt in 2016 and 2017 Resolution

2017 Resolution
Moving from 2016 to 2017

Time flies very fast. 2016 was very fast, I still remember all good memories in 2016 but still, I need to face the truth: The power of time. I will miss all the good memories and remove the sad one. Now it’s time to make and execute 2017 resolution.

What I have Learnt from 2016

Life must go on, no matter what.

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Travel Guide Indonesia Part Two (Advise Continued)

This is the second article that I publish about travel guide Indonesia. I really thanked all readers if they found out my first post – Hunger Games Guide to Indonesia help them to understand more about my country.

So here I write again a new fresh idea about Travel Guide Indonesia that just came out from my mind. Please do not make it really serious. All my post here just for information and FUN only. So without waiting here is another 7 advise if you plan to travel to Indonesia.

Indonesia Travel Guide
Indonesia – Mount Sumbing, Central Java

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Chuck Norris Teach Productivity with Pareto Principle (80/20)

Summary of Pareto Principle

I still remember the first time learned about Pareto principle. Basically, Pareto principle says the outcome of 80% basically from 20% input. So like the meme below, Chuck Norris always solve his 20% of his problem to overcome the 80%. Want an example?

Pareto Principle
Chuck Norris Pareto Principle

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8 Tips of Successful People Always Have Comparing to Others

8 Tips of Successful People
8 Tips Successful People Always Have

8 Tips of Successful People –
What makes people be successful? A lot of people question this to famous people, successful people, millionaire/billionaire, and a lot of other people. People tend to say success is a luck. But do you know that successful people always keep in their mind on a few basic factors and habits that other people know but never do?

Talking about factors and habits it always correlates with personalities. Almost all people know basic understand of their personality. But, there are a lot of personalities type that already found in this world. You can check it out by having a simple test on here. By changing your habits, slowly but sure it will make an impact on your life. Thus, keep it remember that it never late to start.

But, what habits and factors successful people always remember? Here are 8 tips of successful people always have in their mind.

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