Singapore Business Trip Keypoints – Part 3 Finale

I will emphasize, my business trip keypoints in this post; And this is my last post for Singapore Business Trip. If you haven’t read the old second chapter you can get it here, or you want to see the first one, you also can get it here.

business trip keypoints
Singapore Iconic Place – at Marina Bay Sands

Here I am in Kuala Lumpur. I just went back from Singapore. I went there for around 6 days. A lot of things happened in that 6 days and I got a chance to have one-day rest break and I definitely will not lose that chance! Ok let’s talk about work first and I will describe my travel logs later in next section. In addition, I will cover up business trip keypoints that probably is the main concern of this post. Let’s start with my working journal.

Singapore Business Trip Experience Part 2

My Singapore business trip story continues. This is the fourth day of support post go-live period; and three days since I made the first part of this post series. I’ve been busy with all of the techie parts to make my go-live application very successful. It was three days  in a row that I need to support from 8PM until 8AM in the next day to make sure our application working well without any error thrown.

On my first day come in Singapore, I was looking around the city where I stayed for the whole one week. My company rent a hotel near Novena areas. I didn’t want to miss a chance to enjoy my Singapore business trip without having a personal travel plan. So I looked around areas and realize that area’s store designed very nice.

Novena Store in Singapore Business Trip
Novena Store

It’s not long then I took my lunch near that store. Although from outside the store looks very nice, but the food court inside it relatively small. The food sold in the store is around Malaysian, Chinese and Western and my first choice was a Chinese food. There are few stalls open. Mostly sell foods and only one stall selling drinks. My first impression for this food court, the food relatively same with Malaysia.

Singapore Business Trip Experience Part 1

Singapore Business Trip
Changi Airport Singapore

Singapore Business Trip. One keyword that people wanted to do, trip.

This is my third time going to Singapore for a business trip. It’s always giving me a new experience every time going for a Singapore business trip. My first experience with Singapore was back in January until February 2016. At that time, my current project still in early phase of development. I got a chance to go to our client’s office to get in touch personally to them. All because I spend a lot of time supporting offsite in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

My second trip was really great. I knew more people in technology development sector comparing to my first trip that got in touch with business users in headquarter office. I finally knew a person that I always email if got a problem. Ask for data logs if errors are thrown from the system and so on. But the most important thing was,

Shocking Grabcar Zombie VR Car Experience

Grabcar Zombie VR
Zombie Attack

When I saw my Grabcar booking screen today, I saw something strange in the icon. Instead of normal Grabcar and metered-taxi, there is a new icon The Riding Dead. I checked my emails and saw a notification from Grabcar about this Grabcar Zombie VR event. What is this The Riding Dead?

Grabcar Zombie VR Experience
The Riding Dead Grabcar Icon

Reading through their email description seems this is a marketing promotional campaign for a new season of Walking Dead that premieres on 24th October on Fox channel (asia).

From Grabcar official email:

“This 21–30 October 2016, between 12pm–8pm, book The Riding Dead ride by selecting the special icon in the Grab app with your debit/credit card, and you’ll be treated to a chilling Virtual Reality ride to your destination!”

A Journey of Grabcar Zombie VR Experience- The Riding Dead

I really curious to taste their VR experience while riding to my office. Therefore, I simply clicked book a grab car and waiting for it to arrive. It was not long

How to Feel Fullness Life Right Now

Feel Fullness Life
Get Feel of Fullness in Life

Feel Fullness Life.

I just watched a great video about life from my friend’s post on Facebook. This is a story about we; we as a people how to Feel Fullness Life. It is not about what we have done, but most important thing is what you haven’t done in life, try to do it right now.

I told since high school about life that having a purpose. Purpose to create something for humanity, create something good for other people and the most important thing is to create something to show how great is my creator.

My teacher said to me (us at that time), your life shows in the coffin. Why it’s from the coffin? Because what you sow in your life for the others, it will reap when you die. If you are a good man, congratulations; people will remember what you have done well in their live. But if not, your death is “something” for others.

Then how to begin our journey that makes a fullness in life?

Learn to Work as Technology Consultant

works as technology consultant
Technology Consultant

Have you ever wonder what do you do when you are working as technology consultant? What do you think when I talk to you about technology consultant? Nice shirt, great coffee, meetings with clients, traveling around the world?

Yes, what you see on television is correct. Consultant will works all around the world to settle a project, find a new prospect, meetings with client, and other things.

I also got a chance to try consultancy works since I graduated. I have faced three different technology projects (until now), and each project has its own challenges.

If you curious what I do, please see about section above 🙂

What I have learn from works in Technology Consultant company: