Hello world! This is a New Migration Server

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post on a new server. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Probably you have noticed that tagline when first installing a WordPress blog on your own or creating a new blog under WordPress.com domain. Welcome to WordPress.

Yes, this blog just migrated on September 2017 from my old hosting, OpenShift server from RedHat. Previously I was running this blog and its component from the OpenShift Cloud by RedHat. If you have read my few first post about the technology behind this blog, you probably know that OpenShift was giving free “cartridge” or free space instance inside their AWS server as a container.

New Migration Server
New Migration Server Blog

Unfortunately, after OpenShift version 3 launched in September, as I was running on OpenShift version 2, the version was going to decommission. Exactly on 30 September 2017, the version 2 no longer be accessible and all customers need to migrate their account to the new version. But the problem with this plan, their basic plan need the website owner to turn off their instance around 18 hours after 72 hours of runs (https://www.openshift.com/pricing/index.html). This doesn’t make sense if you had an OpenShift version 2 that was giving you free and unrestricted uptime unless you have very minimal traffic.

Before I do the new migration server, I was comparing few other options such as Heroku, AppFog, and other PaaS out there, but unfortunately, Continue reading “Hello world! This is a New Migration Server”

Hello World! Setup WordPress Blog in Openshift Platform

WordPress Blog in Openshift

Hello, World! I setup my personal WordPress Blog in Openshift Platform like randytan.me using some application stack. This took me more than 1.5 hours to complete (excluding sign up and verifying my email addresses for each vendor)

Actually, what is Blog?

Blog pronounce as bläɡ/ is a media, regularly updated with contents (text, images, videos) that are written in a formal/informal style to give information to the user. In short forms, the blog is a simple media to show up your ideas about something.

What is the purpose of Blog?

The purpose of the blog is to show up an idea by writing it out in a digital format. Example if you’re like cooking, you can showcase your recipes and dishes in your blog completely with the tutorial. Nice right?

OK, let’s stop the theory for now. 😀

It’s not-so-easy step to create a blog from scratch without some basic technology background. But don’t worry you can create your own blog in ready to service site if you want. But, if you a people who like a challenge, you can try to build your own blog using the same technology as mine.

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