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Love – Love was made for me and you

I just read a news article about how smart woman to pursue her 20 boyfriend to give her an iPhone 7. Yes, 20 boyfriend to buy her a brand new iPhone 7. But unfortunately, none of them are this woman’s actual boyfriend. They just a “friend”. Is this something about love ?

The story starts to be more interesting when in the next paragraph the journalist write, “She demanded each of them buy her an iPhone 7 before selling them. After making £14,500, she managed to pay the down payment of a house. Seriously then buy a house? This girl is really smart isn’t it? 🙂

I scrolled down to the news and found some interesting comments from internet users. Examples: ‘I could not even get one boyfriend. How can she have 20 boyfriends?’ or ‘How can she manage her busy life? She can only spend one hour on each boyfriend every day.’

This funny story reminds me about why mom was right about love. Keep on reading for her advise.

Advise About Love

This one of most debatable topics in human history. I emphasised it first, every one will have different story of their life. Thus, this is for personal knowledge only. I do not responsible if something happened to your boy/girl friend when you follow my post’s advise. 🙂

My mom’s first advise about love, a truly person that loves you never put his/her ego first. 

I still remember when I met my girlfriend. She was my senior high school friend, but we never talked each other. Then we moved to the same university but different class. She took Graphic Design and I took information system class. We never talked until one day, I met her with her friends (which also my ex high school friend) then I greet and smiled at her.

After few months introduction we finally date until now. Years passed. Conflicts come to our relationship. I always think how to resolve it together when we’re in fight. Don’t put our ego first. After all calm down and cold we talked each other heart to heart.

My mom’s second advise about love, find a girl (or boy if you’re a girl) who respect you as him/her respect his/her dad and mom.

Every time recalling this advise, I always remember one of my friend which is a girl, who very close to her boyfriend’s mom. Even though her boyfriend cheated on her. She still close to her ex boyfriend’s mom. She treated his mom as hers and surprisingly they keep hangouts together until now. Can we do that?

My mom’s third advise about love, love needs money, but money cannot buy love.

This is the most makes sense statement. I still remember one meme in internet about this.

about love and money
Money Cannot Buy Love. Source: memecenter.com

Damn it’s true right? 😉

My mom’s fourth advise about love, use your brain to think then to love.

Love is blind. This is what people always say when a couple full in love or a man/woman is in love (sorry folks, a lot of one-side love nowadays :P). Like boys in the beginning of this post, they give this smart girl what she want, and they hope she will love them. Guys, please use your brain think properly is her wish is still makes-sense or not; If not are you will full fill hers?! Girls, also use your brain instead of 100% of your feeling. Because not all the boys out there are truly good for you tho.


I still trying to understand and learning about relationship. None of school’s study talked about love. Love is something abstract that need to learn every day and never stop learning.

It’s good to have some advise which like my mom said about. Thus, it back to us, as we working for our life. Love cannot forced, it’s must from the heart itself. If love is not from the heart then, that is not love.

I will update this post once I get more great advise from my mom’s later. In the mean time, do not forget to subscribe to this blog or add a comment.

Thanks for reading folks! Have a great day.

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