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Technology Consultant

Have you ever wonder what do you do when you are working as technology consultant? What do you think when I talk to you about technology consultant? Nice shirt, great coffee, meetings with clients, traveling around the world?

Yes, what you see on television is correct. Consultant will works all around the world to settle a project, find a new prospect, meetings with client, and other things.

I also got a chance to try consultancy works since I graduated. I have faced three different technology projects (until now), and each project has its own challenges.

If you curious what I do, please see about section above 🙂

What I have learn from works in Technology Consultant company:

  1. Working independent as well as working in a team.
  2. Propose technology solution in timely manner.
  3. Good communication skills. This is required if you faced your client and other parties such as other technology vendors, business users, etc.
  4. Good basic office skills. Such as simple and meaningful email, word-processor and typing skills, spreadsheet calculation skills, pivot table and other office skills.
  5. Time management. This one of most important part of working as a consultant. You will have a lot of inquiries, problems, questions and other things and you cannot solve it in one day of business. Keep important things to do comes first.
  6. Improve your abilities and knowledge. Learning a new things especially related to your career is a good move. Try learning one new skills in one month (I also still struggling with this :p ). I will talk about this learning in separate blog post.
  7. Make a time for yourself & your family! If not you will be burnt and bored with your works.
  8. Be nice and be friendly.

Do not ever and ever work for something that you don’t love. For example, works as accountant when your heart is in photography. It will makes you easily bored with what you do everyday.

Remember working will take a big portion of our life. Make it fullest by love what you do.

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